We are better as people and as organizations when we connect with each other.

This week I am at yet another conference, this one being the internal Autodesk TechX conference, where I am getting the golden opportunity to connect with thought leaders in our company and industry, and I’ve even had the opportunity to present a topic this year and share some thoughts on where I think we can go as a company.

This is my third time at this particular company conference and each time has been better than the last, and one of the main reasons for that is the connections that we’ve collectively been building with each other the last few years.

The pandemic obviously sent many of us through a tailspin, and disrupted our everyday lives in some quite hard ways.

However, one of the things it has taught us all, and me personally, is the power of coming together as communities and connecting with individuals.

It’s easy to become jaded when the world is not on fire, but now I approach these opportunities for connection with a new level of gratitude that I will never take for granted in the future.

While each organization is thinking through their own version of what the new working world looks like, there is something to be said for planned, dedicated time for folks to come together.

Our CEO, in an awesome moment, impromptu asked us all to stand up, look to the person on our right, on our left, behind us, in front of us, and plainly stated that we are the agents of change here, and much like how we need to continue to build trust with our customers, we also need to continue to build trust with those around us, because that is the only way we will get to where we want to be on this journey together.

So, pardon me while I put down the laptop for this blog post, and get back to connecting.